Beginning Band Sign-up Info.

The school year is flying by and we are getting ready for next year! We are writing to you because you have a child coming into Bedford Middle School next year. This is an exciting time for your student and they have many new opportunities as a middle school student.  One of those opportunities is to join band or orchestra.  We have talked to the current 5th graders about being in a music class and shared this information with them. Beginning band and orchestra are only offered in the 6th grade, so this is the chance for your child to learn an instrument at school!

Your child can choose band or orchestra, but can only choose one.  Choir will be offered during the 8th grade year, and will also be addressed in general music.  If your child would like to sing and play an instrument, they can join band or orchestra now and be in choir as well in the 8th grade.  We have many students who choose this option and gain a lot of experience and develop great talents which carry them on to the high school.  Music classes are offered during the school day and do not interfere with other school academic or athletic activities.  We encourage students to be involved in various activities, and most of our music students are also on athletic or academic teams or clubs at BMS.  As teachers it is exciting to see our students develop multiple talents!

Most band and orchestra students start by renting their instruments.  We recommend renting from Paige’s Music (1-800-382-1099,, Melody Music Shop in Bloomington (812-336-6319,, or Conrad Music (1-800-264-3408,  Please investigate each of these options and choose one that is right for you. We will have very few school instruments to offer, and they may require a fee for their use.

Paige’s Music will have an instrument rental night May 8, from 6:00 – 7:30 pm in the BMS Auditorium. This is offered to help rent an instrument and not required.

You can find out more about the band and orchestra, the opportunities they offer, and more detailed information at and at

On the following page you will find a sheet to sign up for band or orchestra.  Please give the completed form to your elementary school music teacher.  You can also send it to BMS or drop it off at the middle school. Students not enrolling in Band or Orchestra will be placed in General Music.

Thank you, and please feel free to contact us or the school (279-9781) if you have any questions.

We look forward to welcoming everyone to Bedford MS next year.

Kevin Reberger                                                        Eric Berger                            

Orchestra Director                                                   Band Director


Fill out this page and return your elementary music teacher or BMS by May 12.

Student Name: ____________________________________________________________

Current School now attending _____________________________________________

Parent Name: _____________________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________________________

Email Address______________________________________________________________

Parent Signature: __________________________________________________________

Do you already have an instrument? If so, what? ___________________________

Please choose one and complete the corresponding selection box below.

_____ Band                   _____ Orchestra

Band students are asked to designate a favorite instrument from each list with an “X”. Students should be prepared to be placed in either class due to class schedules and ISTEP requirements. Percussion players will be auditioned in the fall, so even if you would like to play drums, you need to choose a favorite instrument from the woodwind and brass lists.

Woodwind List                                       Brass List

_____       Flute                                     _____ Trumpet

_____       Oboe                                    _____ Trombone

_____       Clarinet                                 _____ Baritone

_____       Alto Sax                                _____ French Horn

_____       Tenor Sax                             _____ Tuba & electric bass

The BMS Band Department is exploring a jazz program and guitar instruction.

In addition to the above choices also designate any interest for piano or guitar.

Already play piano _______        Would be interested in learning piano ______

Already play guitar _______        Would be interested in learning guitar ______

Orchestra are asked to rate the following instruments from 1 to 4, with 1 being your top choice to play.

_____ Violin        _____ Viola        _____ Cello        _____ Bass