Big Splash Info 2017

Topic: BMS Band Trip

Where: Big Splash Adventure Water Park, French Lick

When: 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm on Monday, Apr. 10, 2017

Our next event is a trip to the Big Splash Water Park to reward the band students for playing at the concerts, behaving correctly, and rehearsing so well. Students are expected to have performed in the concerts and not received any out of school suspensions. The cost is $30 and covers supper at the water-park, swimming and buses. Everyone that participated in either the fall cookie dough fundraiser or the spring butter braid fundraiser can deduct $5 from the cost for helping with the fundraiser and pay just $25. We hope to leave at 4:00 pm and return around 9:00 pm. We are going on a week night to rent out the entire facility for the BMS Band Dept. We will be only ones in the water park, along with the Big Splash lifeguards and staff.

  1. Return signed permission form and fee by Thurs. Apr. 6. (checks to BMS Bands)
  2. Supper is provided, but you can bring extra spending money for snacks or lockers.
  3. Wear appropriate swimwear.
  4. Big Splash provides towels. You don’t need to bring one.
  5. Know important times. Depart BMS @ 4:00 pm, arrive back to BMS @ 9:00 pm
  6. Don’t have an unexcused absence for the concerts and performances.
  7. Have not received an out of school suspension this school year.
  8. No food or drink on the bus.
  9. Big Splash Web Site

The changing rooms are small @ Big Splash. I would recommend changing into swimsuits after school and wearing sweats or something over the swimsuit for bus ride. It will help with congestion and flow at Big Splash. Some kids will wear school clothes over the swimsuits all day. Make sure the swimsuits aren’t noticed, violate dress code, or cause a distraction. Students should bring a bag to put the school clothes in at the water park. Big Splash asks to make sure swimsuits don’t have any exposed metal on them. (i.e. buckles, rivets, etc.). Metal can damage the slides.

Students should plan to come over to the band building right after school to get bus lists organized. Don’t go over and get pop or monster drinks to bring to the band building. Food and drinks aren’t allowed on the bus. You may have time to run home fast and return, but we will leave when all the buses are here. That may be before 4:00 pm.

You are responsible for any money, phones, or electronic devices you bring. Remember these stay turned off and in your locker during school hours.

We can use some adult chaperones for the buses. There isn’t any cost for chaperones, but I will need to know by April 3 so the school can run a free background check.

Information for the BMS band program is available in many forms. Feel free to use these to keep up to date on upcoming events and weekly updates:

BMS Band Website: 









Bedford MS

1501 N Street

Dear Parent, Custodian or Guardian

The students in our class are planning to visit Big Splash Adventure in French Lick, on Monday Apr. 10, 2017; we plan to go by NLCS Bus.

We believe that the students will gain value from the excursion and hope that all will be able to participate.


I understand that reasonable precautions will be taken to safeguard my child on this field trip as are taken in all other school activities.


I hereby give permission for my child, _____________________________________

to participate in the trip to Big Splash.


__________________________________________   ______________________

Signature of parent, custodian or guardian                                             date


Buses are scheduled to return by 9:00 pm. Please return form and fee by April 6.