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Hello all!


I can’t believe the end of the semester is upon us, it has really flown by. We are wrapping up here at BMS and we need your help. If your student has their own instrument that they either own or are renting from Paige’s or Conrad’s, they need to bring their instruments home by the end of Monday. Please arrange to help your student transport their horn back to your home since large instruments cannot go on the buses.

8th GRADERS HAVE BEEN APPROVED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE HIGH SCHOOL MARCHING BAND! This is huge and a wonderful opportunity for your student to join the hardest working group at the high school. If your student is interested in joining, we are hitting the ground running next week on Thursday and Friday in the Morning from 8-12, where the students will begin to learn the basics of marching and the rich culture and history that has been built over the years.  I have attached a letter from Mr. Berger regarding marching band onto this post, please read it if your student is interested.

It has been a pleasure to work with all of your students and am happy to say that I will continue working here next year as the band director. I am so excited not only to keep developing the skills and musicality of the 7th and 8th graders, but also to begin the incoming class on the instruments. working with beginners is the best because that first semester is when they are going to see the most improvement out of their entire playing career. Anyway, I’m rambling..

Thank you and have a beautiful summer! See you next fall!

MB Letter to 7th.2018.19


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