D.C. Butter Braids, and More

Posted: February 9, 2018 in Uncategorized

A small correction on my part, make sure that we have the order forms for the Butter Braids as soon as possible, money collection will be due at another point. Sorry if I caused any stress from that!

Hello BMS parents and students! We have got a big week coming up and there are a few things to keep in mind going into the weekend. Have your students bring in their Butter Braid fundraiser forms as soon as possible, preferably Monday. We receive the delivery of the tasty treats on February 27th, and the students will be able to pick up their orders in the lower band room until 6:30 pm.

The Washington D.C. trip, March 12-15, is just over a month away. Final balances for the travel company will be arriving soon. The meeting for this trip will be help directly after the concert on March 8th.

The 8th grade side-by-side concert is next week on Tuesday at 7pm at the High School. Please be sure to have the students arrive at the school by 6:15 for warm up and final concert prep. Regarding the students’ instruments, there are some that have mechanical issues, making it difficult for them to play consistently all of class. Our repair from Conrad’s Music man comes every Wednesday during third period and fixes the instruments for free. He is VERY good at what he does so if there is something wrong with your student’s instrument, make sure they leave it in my office on Tuesday before he comes.

I am so happy with the significant progress all the classes have made this week in their playing abilities and their musicianship. Each day they get stronger and are able to play more and more consistently, which allows me to realize some really fine players in each group. They have been working hard and are really enjoying the classes we give them each day. Our goal is to provide a dynamic range of activities for them to reinforce all of the characteristics of great musicians. Have a wonderful weekend!

-Augie Merback


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