Pep Band Invitation

Posted: January 4, 2018 in Uncategorized

The 8th grade bands from BMS, SMS, and OMS have been invited to perform with Mr. Berger and the BNL Stars Pep Band at the Boy’s Varsity Basketball game on Friday, Jan. 5, 2018.

8th Grade band members can be dropped off at Door 33 at 6:00 pm and picked up at the same door at 9:30. Door 33 is located at the BNL Band room entrance near the swimming pool.

Here is a schedule for the evening.

6:00 – 8th grade arrives for rehersal

6:30 – BNL Pep Band joins the rehearsal

7:30 (ish) – Move to the field house to perform

8:00 (ish) – Boys’ Varsity Game vs FJ Reitz begins

9:30 – picked up at entrance 33 to leave.



8th Grade band members get in free, but need to stay with the Pep Band for the game.

Bring money for the 3rd quarter break to buy concessions.

Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend the game and enjoy the evening.

Don’t forget to bring your instrument.

8th grade band members will be released early to be picked up by 9:30.

After the 3rd quarter 8th grade band members are welcome to sit with parents in attendance at the game or stay with the Pep band if they aren’t being picked up at 9:30. 8th grade band members are not free to roam around or sit with friends somewhere else. They are to stay with the Pep Band unless they are going to sit with their parents or are being released to be picked up at 9:30.

The bands will play a little before the game begins and a little at halftime.

Have a great night!

Mr. Berger







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