May 27, 2016

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BNL Bands –

It isn’t too late for our 8th graders to sign up for the BNL Marching Band, Concert Band or Jazz Band.

You can contact BNL or Mr. Jones to have marching band, concert band or jazz band added to your schedule for next year. I urge you to take the great skills you have developed over the past three years and continue to grow as great students and musicians in the BNL Band program.

Year End Instrument Thoughts –

Paige’s customers may want to send instruments in for maintenance and cleaning. It is a free service if you have a maintenance agreement . You can call Paige’s at 1-800-337-0471 to arrange an instrument pick-up, ask any questions or request a loaner. Paige’s can then ship the instrument back to you or deliver it to BNL or BMS.

Some that rented at Melody Music in Bloomington for the school year may have a return date coming up soon.

All instruments that are not school instruments need to be taken home for the summer. It will be a good idea to get them out every few weeks to keep valves and slides moving.

Beginning Band –

Here is a link to the beginning band sign up form: We have a lot to offer here at BMS and the band program is a great way to get involved in our school.

Washington D.C. 2018 –

We hope to return to Washington D.C. during Spring Break in 2018. The trip will include our present 2016-17 6th graders and 7th graders. It isn’t too early to start saving.

A Sad Farewell –

I would like to take just a moment to thank our 8th grade band students on three fantastic years. Words can’t express how much I will miss you. May you stay disciplined, devoted, determined and dedicated to making your dreams come true. Keep in touch and keep making a difference.

Have a great summer!


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