January 23, 2015

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After School Lessons for Solo & Ensemble –

Mr. Appelman and I are available many days after school for free solo & ensemble lessons. Solo and ensemble festival is coming up on January 31 at Bloomington High School North. Our students are welcome to practice in the practice rooms while we will float around to help them with the music they are working on. Next week I plan to be available Saturday, Jan. 24 from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm, after school on Monday Jan. 26 until 6:00 pm, Wednesday Jan. 28 until 6:00 pm, Thursday, Jan. 29 until 6:00, and Friday Jan. 30 until 4:30 pm. Students performing at the upcoming Solo and Ensemble should try to stay some afternoon to rehearse solos or ensembles. Our accompanists will also be available at different times during the week to rehearse with the soloists. I’ll let the students know when the accompanists are available.

Solo & Ensemble Times –

The students performing at the Solo & Ensemble Festival on Jan. 31st have been told their performance times. We will remind them again next week.

Indiana University Young Winds – 

The 2015 Indiana University Young Winds program begins soon. It is a program designed for middle school instrumental students as a supplement to the instruction they receive in school. The program focuses on small-group lessons as well as a full band experience for students surrounding the Bloomington campus. It is a wonderful program. Many of our students have participated over the years. I can’t speak highly enough about this opportunity and the benefits of participating. More information is available in the band building and at www.music.indiana.edu/precollege/year-round/wind/. The program meets on Saturday mornings this spring and has a $15 registration fee and $75 program fee.

Have a great week!


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