October 31, 2014

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Fall Concert Updates –

The 7th and 8th Grade Bands will play in Schafer Auditorium on November 4. The 6th grade band will perform on November 20 in Schafer Auditorium. As always, our concerts are free and open to everyone. Students should dress appropriately for the event. Boys should wear nice pants and a dress shirt or sweater. Our young ladies wear a nice outfit or dress.

The 7th and 8th grade bands will perform the same night. The 7th grade will perform first and then the 8th grade will play second. 7th grade is welcome to stay, but it is not required. Parking is tight the night of 7th and 8th grade concerts. The 7th grade parents and students leaving will open up parking spots for our arriving 8th graders and parents. Here is a rough time frame for the evening. The 8th grade start time could run a bit late if the 7th grade runs long or the transition on stage is slower than expected. Both bands will play about 30 minutes.

6:05          7th grade band arrives

6:15          7th grade warms-up briefly on stage

6:30           7th grade concert begins

7:10           8th grade band arrives

7:20           8th grade warms-up briefly on stage

7:30           8th grade concert begins

Congratulations BNL Bands –

Congratulations to the Marching Stars on a fantastic season. Next stop is Orlando and a Thanksgiving Break performance at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World! Good Luck in Florida representing Lawrence County and have a great time.

Phone Extension Change –

The BMS phone extension numbers have been changed. The new band office extension is #22506.

Upcoming Dates –

Oct. 17 – Cookie Dough money was due.

Nov. 4 – 7th and 8th Grade Concerts (7th @6:30 and 8th @7:30)

Nov. 20 – 6th Grade Concert at 6:30 pm

Concerts are in Schafer Auditorium and are free and open to the public.

Have a great week!


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