September 5, 2014

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Fall Fundraiser Has Started –

The Annual Fall Fundraiser began on September 2nd. Last year’s sale was just incredible and the profits really helped the program grow. We don’t expect the students to go out and sell a lot or be aggressive in taking orders. We are large enough that a few orders from everyone will more than meet our needs. I really appreciate any help at all with this project. From personal experience, I know it is a tough time and some households may have another fundraiser happening with a sibling. The profits enable us to sell supplies and equipment below cost to the students. We also use profits to lower trip costs, so students that participate in fundraisers receive discounts on local band trips.

The forms are due on September 15 and the cookie dough will be delivered during the week of Oct 6. We are just taking orders now and the money will be collected when the cookie dough is delivered. Checks will be made out to BMS Bands.

Good Luck to the Marching Stars –

We want to wish our BNL Marching Stars the best of luck as they travel to the first competition of the season. They have been working hard and Mr. Jones has them focused and ready to go. The Stars will be competing at Columbus North HS in one of the largest competitions in the state this weekend.

Beginning Band Books –

All the beginning students will need a beginning band book. We use Essential Elements 2000. Most students that rented from Paige’s Music already have this and others may too. The percussion book includes the snare and bell music and costs $15. The rest of the band books are $9. The students that need a book can purchase it from the band office as the books arrive. We started using these in class on Wed. Sept. 3.

Checks can be made out to BMS Band.

Have a great week!


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