May 23, 2014

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Indianapolis 500 Rehearsals & Final Thoughts –

The band will have a final rehearsal on Saturday, May 24 from 9 – 11 am. This rehearsal is crucial to the success of the band’s performance. Mr. Jones has asked the kids to wear the shoes they plan on wearing in the parade for this practice so he can verify the color. The students will load instruments and equipment on to the semi after rehearsal.

The students should arrive at 3:30 am on Sunday morning and report to the BNL Band Wing (entrance 33). Students may bring a few snacks for the day in a small cooler, but they should stick to water and avoid junk food before the parade and be smart about what they have. All drinks need to have a lid. What the kids eat and drink before the parade will have a direct impact on how they feel, perform and affect the group.

They should bring money for snacks and extra souvenirs. The Motor Speedway will provide a lunch, entrance to the race, and a small souvenir to mark the occasion.

We should arrive back to BNL around 5:30 pm on Sunday.

Here is a link to more information and a schedule from Mr. Jones:

2014-15 Beginning Band Approaching 100 Members –

Next year’s beginning band continues to grow as more forms arrive. Share this link:, if you know someone who needs a form and would like to sign up. They can also email me at

Paige’s Music will have another Instrument Display and opportunity to rent an instrument from them in August. You can also rent online at at your convenience. Drop me an email anytime and I can confirm the instrument your child should line up for next fall.

There will be more used instruments (that look brand new) available to rent now than what will be available in the fall. Anything rented this summer will be delivered by Paige’s to BMS for the start of school. Here is direct link to the Paige’s Music rental page: Locate Bedford MS on the list of schools to start the process. You can also call Paige’s to see what other special offers may be available.

Year End Instrument Thoughts –

Paige’s customers may want to send instruments in for maintenance and cleaning. It is a free service if you have the maintenance agreement . You can call Paige’s at 1-800-337-0471 to arrange an instrument pick-up, ask any questions or request a loaner. Paige’s can then ship the instrument back to you or deliver it to BNL or BMS.

Some that rented at Melody Music in Bloomington for the school year may have a return date coming up soon. Also note that Melody Music Shop has moved to a new location.

School instruments will be sent in for cleaning and maintenance over the summer.

All instruments that are not school instruments need to be taken home for the summer. It will be a good idea to get them out every few weeks to keep valves and slides moving.

Washington D.C. 2016

We hope to return to Washington D.C. during Spring Break in 2016. The trip will include our present 6th graders and incoming 5th graders. It isn’t too early to start saving. Setting aside $25 dollars a month will generate most of what you will need for the trip in 23 months. If you start saving this month you will have $100 saved for the trip when you add the $25 in August  to your trip fund at home.

Fundraising –

A few students have fundraising money out. We need to wrap those projects up before school lets out for the summer.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!


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