February 21, 2014

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Annual Butter Braid Sale Ends Tuesday, Feb. 25 –

The Annual Butter Braid Sale is coming to an end next week. The forms need to be filled out, totaled up, and returned by Tuesday, Feb. 25. The kids are not required to participate, but if we could get participants to just sell 3 – 4 butter braids we will have a tremendous sale. It takes a lot of resources to keep a program of nearly 300 operating and this sale is a big part of meeting that need.

The sale runs from Feb. 12 to Feb. 25. The delivery is set for Tuesday March 18.  There is also a chance for sellers to earn a $1000 scholarship.

8th Grade Tubing on Feb. 28 –

The 8th grade tubing trip to Paoli Peaks will be after school on Friday, Feb. 28th. The 8th grade band members look forward to this trip every year and we have a great time.  The fee is $30 to cover tubing costs, pizza after school, and bus transportation. Students that sold the cookie dough fundraiser in the fall pay $20. Parents will need to fill out, initial the arrows, and sign the Paoli Peaks tubing release form. The release form can be found at http://paoli.peakresorts.com/cmsfiles/file/Tubing%20Release%20Form.pdf

BNL Wind Ensemble and Jazz Ensemble Auditions  –

The BNL Wind Ensemble and Jazz Ensemble audition materials are available. 8th grade students can take advantage of many opportunities to receive help with the audition material. Students can stay after school or come to the band building during advisor time when I am available to get some help. There are also great private lesson opportunities available through our program here at BMS. We’ve got some very strong candidates and the process is upon us. There is more information and a form that needs signed available at the band office. Students do not need to audition for the White Band (freshman band), the Red Band or the Marching Band. Good luck!

Private Lessons Available –

I have offered free help after school for years. Some afternoons I’ll have just a few students and some afternoons I’ll have several. The amount of time I spend with the students varies on how many are at the band building and what they are working on. These free help sessions are great, but they don’t replace a true weekly lesson. I know I was fortunate to take lessons in middle school when I was much younger and I am sure many of our band parents benefited from private lessons too. Private lessons help struggling students catch up, advanced students find challenges, and the average student continue to improve. All our students would benefit from private lessons. I will continue to offer free help sessions, but I would encourage students to develop the habit of practicing regularly and taking lessons.

These lessons will be offered from trained music teachers with years of experience. If you would be interested in having a child participate in lessons just drop me an email or leave a voice message on our BMS voice mail. (extension 11506). The cost will range from  $5 to $15 a half hour.

Percussion Lessons –

Mr. Jones will have percussion lessons available after school on Thursdays. Percussion students are starting to take advantage of this great opportunity. Contact the band office if you are interested in advancing your percussion skills and performance opportunities.

Flute Lessons –

Mrs. Jones will be offering flute lessons at BMS after school on Thursdays. She also offers flute lessons at BNL (Mondays and Tuesdays) and at Oolitic MS (Fridays). The cost is $5 for 30 minutes. Mrs. Jones has been teaching flute for 20 years and has a music education degree form Ball State University. She is a wonderful flute teacher and is also thinking about starting a NLCS Flute Choir. Lots of exciting things for our flute players to take advantage of.

Please contact the band office if you are interested in taking lessons or participating in a flute choir. A letter to our flute students from Mrs. Jones was sent home with our flute students detailing more information and a sign up form.

Papa John’s Pizza Cards –

A Papa John’s Pizza Card sale for students wanting to raise some funds for the Washington D.C. trip is underway. The cards sell for $10 each and have stickers on the back for a free pizza and several special pizza deals. Only students performing on the Washington D.C trip are selling the cards and all the profits go straight to the balance of that student’s account. This opportunity will be available for one more week.

After School Help and Open Band Practice Time –

I am available many days after school to help students with music. The focus right now is directed toward the students participating in the Washington D.C. trip and on our 6th graders. I will be available after school on Tuesday 2-24 for as long as students are staying for help. This will be the last help session before the rehearsals begin for the trip in March. Washington D.C. trip participants are expected to be able to play all the music before rehearsals begin and many are putting this off. These March rehearsals are used to combine the music from the 4 participating bands.

Have a great week!


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