January 24, 2014

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8th Grade Pep Band on Feb. 4 –

The 8th grade bands will combine to play at the BMS Boys Basketball games on Tuesday, Feb. 4. There isn’t a cost for the band students. The band department will provide shirts, pizza and a drink for supper and popcorn and a drink at the game. The band students should stay after school that day to practice together and eat dinner before going to tha game. The games should end around 8:00 pm and students should have things put away and be ready for pick-up around 8:15 pm. Come on out and enjoy the evening.

BNL Music Orientation rescheduled for Thursday, Feb. 6 –

All BMS 8th grade band students are invited to an orientation on Thursday, Feb. 6 at 7:00 pm. The orientation will be in Schafer Auditorium at BMS and will explain the BNL band offerings and upcoming trips to the 500 Parade in May and to Disney next fall. The staff will also show you how to work music into the high school schedule and answer questions.

Our 8th grade bands are doing very well this year. These students have taken on some difficult music and the spring concert could prove to be one of our most challenging. Our students have so much to offer. I really hope they will continue band at BNL and I encourage our parents to encourage them as well. There are many band classes available. The three concert bands meet during the day and the concert band schedules don’t conflict with other activity schedules. BNL also has Jazz Ensembles, a volunteer Pep Band and a volunteer Marching Band. There are offerings to fit any student’s playing level and schedule.

Follow this link to an invitation from Mr. Jones, the BNL Director of Bands. https://bedfordmsband.com/bnl-band-orientation-invitation/

Private Lesson Program Begins –

I am excited to announce the launch of a private lesson program here at BMS. I have offered free lessons after school for years. Some afternoons I’ll have just a few and some afternoons I’ll have several. The amount of time I spend with the students varies on how many are here and what they are working on. These free help sessions are great, but they don’t replace a true weekly lesson. I know I was fortunate to take lessons in middle school when I was much younger and I am sure many of our band parents benefited from private lessons too. Private lessons help struggling students catch up, advanced students find challenges, and the average student continue to improve. All our students would benefit from private lessons. I will continue to offer free help sessions, but I would encourage students to develop the habit of practicing regularly and taking lessons.

These lessons will be offered from trained music teachers with years of experience. If you would be interested in having a child participate in lessons just drop me an email or leave a voice message on our BMS voice mail. (extension 11506). The cost will range from  $10 to $15 a half hour.

Indiana University Young Winds –

The 2014 Indiana University Young Winds program begins in Feb. and our students are invited to participate. It is a program designed for middle school instrumental students as a supplement to the instruction they receive in school. The program focuses on small-group lessons as well as a full band experience for students surrounding the Bloomington campus. It is a wonderful program. Many of our students have participated over the years. I can’t speak highly enough about this opportunity and the benefits of participating. More information is available in the band building and at www.music.indiana.edu/precollege/year-round/wind/. The program meets on Saturday mornings this spring and has a $75 fee.

Cookie Dough Money Due –

The cookie dough fundraiser has come to an end and the money is now past due. The sale was a huge success, but now we have the job of collecting all the money. Thank you to all that helped with this project.

Papa John’s Pizza Cards –

The Papa John’s Pizza Card sale for the Washington D.C. trip is underway. The cards sell for $10 each and have stickers on the back for a free pizza and several special pizza deals. Only students performing on the Washington D.C trip are selling the cards and all the profits go straight to the balance of that student’s account. The first batch of cards have arrived and are available. The sale will run through Feb.

After School Lessons –

I am available many days after school for free help sessions. There are often playing tests for all the bands during class time. The sessions are available until 4:00 and I can help our students on whatever they need help with. The band building is also open to any band student just wanting to practice. I plan to be available after school on Monday Jan. 27, Tuesday Jan. 28, Thursday Jan. 30 and Friday, Jan. 31.

Have a great week!


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