December 13, 2013

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Bowling Party for the BMS Bands on Dec.  16 –

On Dec. 16th the BMS Band Department will go bowling at the Kingpins Bowl (former Broadview Bowl) in Bedford from 4 pm to 6 pm. It will be a lot of fun and a great time for the band kids to enjoy themselves.

Parents can drop students off at the Kingpins Bowl at 4 pm and pick them up at 6 pm. The cost is free for students that sold the fall fundraiser (and turned in the money) Students that didn’t participate in a fundraiser just need to pay $5 that evening. The cost will include shoes and bowling balls. The students need to remember to wear or bring socks and that all school rules are in effect. Students may also want to bring money to purchase items at the concession counter and for any video games they want to play. Students need to have received an outstanding conduct grade or average conduct grade in band on the last progress report. Students that received a poor conduct grade in band on our last progress report aren’t eligible for this event.

Indiana University Young Winds –

The 2014 Indiana University Young Winds program begins in Feb. and our students are invited to participate. It is a program designed for middle school instrumental students as a supplement to the instruction they receive in school. The program focuses on small-group lessons as well as a full band experience for students surrounding the Bloomington campus. It is a wonderful program. Many of our students have participated over the years. I can’t speak highly enough about this opportunity and the benefits of participating. More information is available in the band building and at The program meets on Saturday mornings this spring and has a $75 fee.

Cookie Dough Money Due –

The cookie dough fundraiser has come to an end and the money is now past due. The sale was a huge success, but now we have the job of collecting all the money. Thank you to all that helped with this project.

Papa John’s Pizza Cards –

The Papa John’s Pizza Card sale for the Washington D.C. trip is underway. The cards sell for $10 each and have stickers on the back for a free pizza and several special pizza deals. Only students performing on the Washington D.C trip are selling the cards and all the profits go straight to the balance of that student’s account. The first batch of cards have arrived and are available. The sale will run through Feb.

After School Lessons –

I am available many days after school for free lessons. There are often playing tests for all the bands during class time. The lessons are available until 4:00 and I can help our students on whatever they need help with. Next week I plan to be available after school on Tuesday Dec. 17 and Thursday Dec. 19 unless weather conditions continue to impact our schedules.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!


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