February 22, 2013

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Annual Butter Braid Sale Ends Tuesday, Feb. 26 –

This band fundraiser is the most anticipated and profitable fundraiser of the year. The kids are not required to participate, but if we could get everyone to just sell 3 – 4 butter braids we will have a tremendous sale. It takes a lot of resources to keep a program of nearly 300 operating and this sale is a big part of meeting that need.

The sale will end Tuesday, Feb. 26. The delivery is set for Tuesday March 12 at 1:00 pm.  

BNL Wind Ensemble Auditions –

The BNL Wind Ensemble Auditions may start this week during band class. Many of our 8th grade students have been staying after school or coming to the band building during advisor time to get some help. We’ve got some very strong candidates and the process is upon us. Make sure to have the permission formed signed and returned for the audition. Here is a link to more information and the form that needs to be signed. https://bedfordmsband.com/bnl-band-audition/. Good luck!

After School Lessons –

I am available many days after school for free lessons. We have 8th grade students working on BNL Wind Ensemble auditions and there are often playing tests for all the bands during class time. The lessons are available until 4:00 and I can help our students on whatever they need help with. Next week I’ll be available after school on Mon. 2-25, Tues. 2-26, Wed. 2-27, Thurs. 2-28 and Fri. 3-1.   

8th Grade Band Signing Up For BNL Bands –

The 8th grade band members are in the process of signing up for high school classes. We have a lot of talent in the 8th grade and I hope they continue playing in the BNL Bands. They have a lot of requirements to fulfill for various diplomas and have received a lot of information. I encourage parents to take some time and look at the college admission requirements online for themselves. I found it very enlightening when my son was entering high school and preparing for college. It also relieved some of the fear, stress and worry about the scheduling.

6th Grade Band Fine Arts Festival April 16 –

I am excited to announce the 6th Grade Band will be combined with the bands from Shawswick and Oolitic to perform at this year’s NLCS Fine Arts Festival. The festival will be at the BNL Performing Arts Center from April 15 – 18. The 6th grade band will perform on Tuesday, April 16. The students will ride buses to BNL the morning of the concert to rehearse together for the concert that night.  That night the students will report to BNL at 6:30 pm to prepare for the concert at 7 pm. Permission forms and more information will be passed out closer to the performance date.

Upcoming Concerts at Indiana University –

One of the best music schools in the world is just 18 miles up the road. The concert bands at IU offer free concerts and they are a great way to spend the evening. Our students would learn a lot by going to these concerts. If you ever have a free night consider attending an IU concert.

Here are some upcoming opportunities:

Mar. 26 the IU Concert Band and Symphonic Band perform at 8:00 in Auer Hall.

Apr. 2 the IU Wind Ensemble performs at 8:00 in the Auer Hall.

Have a great  week!


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