February 1, 2013

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Congratulations To Our Solo & Ensemble Participants –

Some of our 7th and 8th grade band members participated in the ISSMA Solo and Ensemble Festival and I am so proud of them all. All seven of our participants received Gold Medals at the event. The festival was held at Bloomington North HS on Saturday, Jan. 26, 2013.

After School Lessons –

I am available many days after school for free lessons. We have 8th grade students working on BNL Wind Ensemble auditions and there are often playing tests for all the bands during class time. The lessons are available until 4:00 and I can help our students on whatever they need help with. Next week I’ll be available after school on Tues. 2-5, Wed. 2-6, Thurs. 2-7 and Fri. 2-8.

Added Links –

I have added links to information about the upcoming 8th Grade Band Tubing Trip and information about the BNL Band Department and  BNL Wind Ensemble Auditions.

Indiana University Young Winds –

The 2012 Indiana University Young Winds program is about to begin. Some of our students participated in this fantastic opportunity last weekend and there is still time to get signed up. It is a program designed for middle school instrumental students as a supplement to the instruction they receive in school. The program focuses on small-group lessons as well as a full band experience for students surrounding the Bloomington campus. It is a wonderful program. Many of our students have participated over the years and my son has been in the program. I can’t speak highly enough about this opportunity and the benefits of participating.

The classes meet on Saturday mornings from 9:00 – 11:00 in the Musical Arts Center (MAC) on the IU Campus. The first class was on Jan. 26 and continue until April 20. More information is available in the band building and at www.music.indiana.edu/precollege/year-round/wind/index.shtml . The program has a $75 fee.

Congratulations To The 8th Period 7th Grade Band –

Congratulations to the 8th period band for winning the latest rehearsal challenge. They received a Super Bowl Celebration for the effort. The 7th  and 8th grade bands compete in a friendly rehearsal challenge and receive points for group effort in rehearsal. Points are gained by group cohesiveness and work ethic. Points are deducted for individual disruption or lack of effort. It was a close race this time. 4th period had 29 points, 5th period also had 29 points, 7th period had 26 points and 8th period had 34 points. 

For the most part, all the bands are rehearsing pretty well for this time of the year. January and February are challenging months. Some kids begin to shut down and the delays and short weeks don’t help the consistency bands require. The bands have just a few members choosing to not work up to par with the others. What I dread most is the annual split in the 8th grade work ethic as high school schedules are filled out in a few weeks. The kids that sign up for high school band are excited and forge ahead to prepare. The students that don’t sign up for high school band tend to slow down or stop working. I’m one that doesn’t  take free days or not give 100%. I try to stress the importance of working hard for yourself and others and try to lead by example. Some 8th grade students aren’t too receptive to the message this time of the year. I also don’t give up on kids very easily and believe middle school is too early in life to accept mediocrity. Our students have so much to offer and I try to remind them of that potential every day. When I look out into the band room I see our future and that future is bright and full of promise.

Annual Butter Braid Sale Begins Feb. 11 –

Butter Braid time has rolled around again. This band fundraiser is the most anticipated and profitable fundraiser of the year. People are always asking when this sale begins and we already have orders for this year’s event. The kids are not required to participate, but if we could get everyone to just sell 3 – 4 butter braids we would have a tremendous sale. It takes a lot of resources to keep a program of nearly 300 operating and this sale is a big part of meeting that need.

The sale will run from Monday, Feb. 11 to Tuesday, Feb. 26. The delivery is set for Tuesday March 12 at 1:00 pm.        

8th Grade Tubing Date Set for Feb. 15 –

The 8th grade tubing trip to Paoli Peaks will be after school on Friday, Feb. 15th. We have set a make-up night for Feb. 22 if we need one. The 8th grade band members look forward to this trip every year and we have a great time. More information for this trip is available on this website.  The fee is $30 to cover tubing costs, pizza after school, and bus transportation. Students that sold the cookie dough fundraiser in the fall pay $20. Parents will need to fill out and sign the Paoli Peaks tubing release form. The release form can be found at http://www.paolipeaks.com/sites/default/files/pdf/paoli_peaks_tubing_release.pdf

6th Grade Band Fine Arts Festival April 16 –

I am excited to announce the 6th Grade Band will be combined with the bands from Shawswick and Oolitic to perform at this year’s NLCS Fine Arts Festival. The festival will be at the BNL Performing Arts Center from April 15 – 18. The 6th grade band will perform on Tuesday, April 16. The students will ride buses to BNL the morning of the concert to rehearse together for the concert that night.  That night the students will report to BNL at 6:30 pm to prepare for the concert at 7 pm. Permission forms and more information will be passed out closer to the performance date.

Upcoming Concerts at Indiana University –

One of the best music schools in the world is just 18 miles up the road. The concert bands at IU offer free concerts and they are a great way to spend the evening. Our students would learn a lot by going to these concerts. If you ever have a free night consider attending an IU concert.

Here are some upcoming opportunities:

Feb. 5 the IU Concert Band and Symphonic Band perform at 8:00 in the MAC

Feb. 12 the IU Wind Ensemble performs at 8:00 in the Auer Hall.

Have a great week!


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