October 26, 2012

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Cookie Dough Sale In The Final Phase –

The collected money is starting to come in and the results are good. We want to try to deliver the products as soon as we can and return the money collected after the orders have been delivered. Checks can be made out to BMS Bands. We will do the cash prizes after all the money has been collected and turned in. We don’t have a set date for money return, but we want to try to wrap it all up by November if possible.

It was a great sale and we want to finish strong by getting everything turned in. Thanks again for all the support and time.

7th and 8th Grade Fall Concert Nov. 1 –

The 7th and 8th grade bands will present a fall concert on Thursday, Nov. 1 in Schafer Auditorium at BMS. Both bands will play the same night since election day falls on the traditional 8th grade concert date. Hopefully by staggering the band performances we can help with the limited parking and seating. This worked out well last spring. As always, there aren’t any admission fees for BMS Band Concerts

The 7th grade members should meet on the auditorium stage at 6:15 to warm-up. The 7th grade band will perform at 6:30 and play for about 30 minutes. The 7th graders are free to leave at that point so we can open up seats in the auditorium for 8th grade. 7th grade is welcome to stay, but not required.

The 8th grade members should meet on stage at 7:2o to warm-up. The 8th grade will play at 7:30 if all goes well with the transition. They will also play for about 30 minutes.

The band members should try to look nice for this event if it is possible. Guys can wear nice jeans and a nice shirt, or dress pants and a nice shirt. The ladies have the same options or could choose to wear a nice dress or outfit.

The kids have been working hard and are doing a nice job in class. They have improved quite a bit since August. I’m always amazed at how far they come from the first day they try to play something to the concert performance. We have a wonderful facility to perform in and it is quite a special night for the kids. Concerts are part of the student’s grade and students are required to participate as part of the learning experience.

The 6th grade bands will present a concert on Monday, Dec. 10 in Schafer Auditorium at BMS.

6th Grade Bands –

The 6th grade bands are off to a good start. The kids have settled in and are playing out of the beginning band books. We are in phase where some pick it up right away and some struggle a bit. It is natural for some of the kids to get frustrated over the next few weeks. Just remind them to take it slow and they will work it all out. They want it all to happen right now. That will be the case for a few, but most will struggle. Just be as supportive as you can and they will begin to figure it out and be fine.

The students that aren’t using a school instrument should be locating an instrument to play on. There are links to Paige’s Music and Melody Music Shop on our website. Both companies are good choices for locating an instrument to rent or buy.

Some percussionists still need to buy a stick bag with the appropriate sticks and mallets to use for class. We have the stick bags with what the percussionists need in the band office to make this easy for them. The stick bags with the sticks and mallets will cost $55 again this year. They will also need to have something to practice bell parts on at home. A bell kit, piano, or little electric keyboard work well for this.

All the students will need a beginning band book. We use Essential Elements 2000. Most students that rented from Paige’s Music already have this and others may too. The percussion book includes the snare and bell music and costs $16. The rest of the band books are $9. The students that still need a book can purchase it from the band office.

Have a great week!


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