May 4, 2012

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Congratulations to the Pegasus Parade Participants –

The students that marched in the Pegasus Parade did an outstanding job and deserve a hearty congratulations. I was very proud of them in the parade and throughout the day. They had a great time and made some terrific friends that will help them get off to a wonderful start at BNL.

7th and 8th Band Concerts Moved to May 10 @ 7 pm –

The NLCS Fine Arts Festival was April 16 – 19. The 6th Grade Band performed on April 17th at the PAC. The 17th was originally set for the 7th grade concert last spring. We moved the 7th Grade Concert to May 10th to avoid this conflict. The 8th Grade Choir performed at the Fine Arts Festival on the 19th. That date was selected for the 8th grade band concert last spring. We have also moved the 8th Grade Concert to May 10 to perform the same night as the 7th grade band. That concert will need to begin at 7:00 pm in order to get both band performances in that night. We tried to have these concerts before baseball and softball begins, but having to move the concerts to May has made that tough. We would appreciate any help in making both activities work out for the kids.

The 7th grade band should report to Schafer at 6:30 to prepare and tune. It is ok to be late coming from another practice or event. We have kids in a lot of things and I’ll work them in as they arrive. The 7th grade concert will begin at 7:00 and should wrap up around 7:30. You are welcome to stay for the 8th grade concert, but you don’t need to. Parking will be limited so park appropriately if you do want to leave after the 7th grade concert. 8th graders will be arriving and may accidentally block you in.

The 8th grade should arrive around 7:45. The 8th grade students are also more than welcome to come to the 7th grade concert, but don’t need to.We will begin the 8th grade concert at 8:00 or as soon as we can after that. We will be presenting an 8th grade student with the National Band Award during the 8th grade concert.  Students should wear the usual concert attire for the evening.

Elementary School Visits Are Underway –

I have started my yearly visits to the elementary schools to see the 5th graders. It has been a great time to talk about signing up for band and I’ve had the chance to show them some of the band instruments and talk about our program. Here is a link to the beginning band sign up form:  Here is a link to our beginning band brochure: We have a lot to offer here at BMS and the band program is a great way to get involved in our school.

Paige’s Music Display on Monday, May 3

Paige’s music will be conducting an instrument display at Schafer Auditorium on Monday, May 3. Feel free to stop by any time between 6:00 and 7:30 pm. You will have a chance to look over instruments, talk with Paige’s Music representative’s, and even rent an instrument that evening. Feel free to visit the Paige’s Music Website at: any time. All band students and prospective band students are welcome.

Away from the office –

The band is currently rehearsing in the auditorium and I and at the elementary schools a lot during my preps and lunches so I am away from the band office a lot right now. I try to answer emails right away, but it may be a little while between office hours and visits for a few days.

Have a great week!


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