April 26, 2012

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Pegasus Parade Rehearsals for April 30 to May 4-

Monday, April 30 – Full Band and Drumline 6 – 8 pm @ BNL

Tuesday, May 1 – Full band and Drumline  Dress Rehearsal 6 – 8 pm @ BNL

Thursday, May 3 – Pegasus Parade Performance in Louisville, KY

Remember the final payment and forms were due on April 20th. Please get them in right away if you haven’t turned them in yet.  Here is a link to the itinerary for the parade day: http://www.nlcs.k12.in.us/bedjrhi/Band/Microsoft%20Word%20-%20Pegasus%20Participant%20Itinerary%202012.pdf. Mr. Lackey has put this together and it has a lot of helpful information.

7th and 8th Band Concerts Moved to May 10 @ 7 pm –

The NLCS Fine Arts Festival was April 16 – 19. The 6th Grade Band performed on April 17th at the PAC. The 17th was originally set for the 7th grade concert last spring. We moved the 7th Grade Concert to May 10th to avoid this conflict. The 8th Grade Choir performed at the Fine Arts Festival on the 19th. That date was selected for the 8th grade band concert last spring. We have also moved the 8th Grade Concert to May 10 to perform the same night as the 7th grade band. That concert will need to begin at 7:00 pm in order to get both band performances in that night. We tried to have these concerts before baseball and softball begins, but having to move the concerts to May has made that tough. We would appreciate any help in making both activities work out for the kids.

Broadview Bowl Party for 6th and 7th Grade Bands on May 1 –

On May 1 the BMS 6th and 7th Grade Bands will go bowling at Broadview Bowl in Bedford from 4 pm to 5:45 pm. It will be a load of fun and a great time for the band kids to enjoy themselves before leaving for the summer. The bands have done a tremendous job this year and I am very proud of them. Parents can drop students off at Broadview Bowl at 4 pm and pick them up at 5:45 pm. The cost is free for students that sold the fall or spring fundraiser. Students that didn’t participate in a fundraiser will need to pay $5 that evening. The cost will include shoes and bowling balls. The students need to remember to wear or bring socks and that all school rules are in effect. Students may also want to bring money to purchase drinks at the concession counter and for any video games they may want to play.  Here is a link to the Bowling Party information: http://www.nlcs.k12.in.us/bedjrhi/Band/Microsoft%20Word%20-%20Band%20Bowling%20Party%202012.pdf

Pegasus Parade to be televised live May 3 –

Several members of the 8th grade band will be marching with the BNL Marching Stars in this year’s Kentucky Derby Pegasus Parade in Louisville, KY. The parade will be televised live on WISH TV. The students have been working hard to prepare and will have a great time in Louisville. Check your local TV stations for times and set your DVR’s. More information is available at http://kdf.org/events-Republic-Bank-Pegasus-Parade.html.

Elementary School Visits To Start –

Next week I’ll be starting one on my favorite activities of the year. I will begin my yearly visit to the elementary schools to see the 5th graders. It will be a great time to talk about signing up for band and I’ll have a chance to show them some of the band instruments and talk about our program. Here is a link to the beginning band sign up form: http://www.nlcs.k12.in.us/bedjrhi/Band/Microsoft%20Word%20-%206th%20grade%20sign%20up%202012.pdf.  Here is a link to our beginning band brochure: http://www.nlcs.k12.in.us/bedjrhi/Band/BMS%20Band%20Brochure%202012.13.pdf. We have a lot to offer here at BMS and the band program is a great way to get involved in our school.

Have a great week!


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