February 17

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Congratulations To Our Solo And Ensemble Participants –

Congratulations to our solo and ensemble participants. You all did an outstanding job and I am very proud of you. We brought home all gold and silver ratings. The experience you have earned is priceless.

8th Period Defeats The Champion 4th Period In Latest Challenge –

Congratulations to our 8th Period 7th Grade Band on winning the latest rehearsal challenge. It was a very tight race between the 4th Period Band and the 8th Period Band. A celebration was held on Wednesday to reward the winners. The final results were: 8th Period (43 points), 4th Period (39 points), 7th Period (32 points), and 5th Period (25 points). Points are awarded based on focus in rehearsal and students not receiving marks toward bad conduct. An incredible rehearsal without being reminded is worth 3 points, a good rehearsal without any marks toward bad conduct is worth 2 points, a good rehearsal with a student receiving a mark toward bad conduct is worth 1 point. Focus and concentration are tough qualities to achieve in middle school. How an individual’s performance and actions affect others is another tough concept to grasp at times. Our students do continue to improve and the group work ethic also continues to grow as the days roll by. Consistent good effort has great reward. The 6th grade classes don’t rehearse in full concert settings and will participate in the challenge in 7th grade.

The Annual Butter Braid Sale –

Butter Braid time has rolled around again. This band fundraiser is the most anticipated and profitable fundraiser of the year. The feedback has been tremendous and the sale is going very well. Here is a link to more information. http://www.nlcs.k12.in.us/bedjrhi/Band/bms%20butter%20braids%202012.pdf. The orders will be due back on Feb. 21 and the butter braids are set to be delivered on Thursday, March 15. There is also a chance for sellers to earn a $1000 scholarship this year and buyers to win an all expense paid trip to Disney. The money will be collected when the product is delivered and should be turned in by March 26.

Washington D.C. Update –

Excitement continues to grow as more information comes in about the D.C. trip. We have decided on concert attire now that we know our performance venue. The fact we will be playing outside at the Navy Memorial has influenced the decision. We need something that will look uniform and nice regardless of the weather and will be inexpensive. The decision has been made to wear a pull-over windbreaker and khaki (tan) pants. This will give us the ability to wear appropriate clothes under the windbreaker for the weather we experience and still look uniform. The students will just be responsible for the attaining the tan pants. The windbreakers will be provided by the band department. The performers can purchase the windbreaker for $20 if they would like to keep it as a memento. They will be solid red with BMS Bands embroidered on the front.

The final balance statements based on our latest participants should be arriving soon. Many parents and students have done a great job in making payments. Most parents have been saving the suggested $50 a month to cover the cost. Some students have used birthday money and Christmas money. Some students have raised hundreds selling the pizza cards for the past several weeks. Some of the students have done odd jobs to raise money. In addition to these 4-5 revenue sources we will put together a practice-a-thon to help even more. Most kids will not need to participate in this last fundraiser. It is really meant to help those kids that are finishing up payments. The participating students will be able to collect pledges for the minutes we rehearse on March 1, March 5, March 9, and March 12. We won’t pass out the materials until after the band’s annual butter braid sale ends on Feb. 21.

I really want to make sure that the main band fundraisers remain solid and aren’t compromised as we prepare for this trip. The added Washington DC fundraisers should help those that need them without making the band look like it is over fundraising. The two annual band fundraisers fund our program and involve about 250 students. The added Washington trip fundraisers involve about 50 kids that want extra help. The perception may be that the band is doing more fundraising than it really is if we aren’t careful.

 Pappa John’s Pizza Cards –

The Pappa John’s Pizza Card sale for the Washington D.C. trip continues as needed. The cards sell for $10 each and have stickers on the back for a free pizza and several special pizza deals. Only students performing on the Washington D.C trip are selling the cards and all the profits go straight to the balance of that student’s account. We still have cards available. The sale will run through the end of February. A check has been sent to Music Travel to deposit the card profit sold though Jan. 25. Be sure to check your accounts online for credit in the near future. Some students have already raised over $200 for the trip.

After School Lessons –

Free lessons are available most days after school until 3:30 each day. Students need to let me know during class that they will be staying and have made arrangements to leave at 3:30. I’ve had several students take advantage of the help. Washington D.C. students should make sure to stay and work on the pieces they are performing at the Navy Memorial. I will be available on Feb. 21, 23, and 24. We do have a few that aren’t prepared as well as they should be. Keep in mind that students need to be able to perform the music and have a A in conduct for band to participate in the Washington D.C. trip.

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