February 3, 2012

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Washington D.C Trip update –

The Washington D.C. trip is just on the horizon. Most information about this trip is available at the Music Travel Website. I have received confirmation that the band will perform at the Navy Memorial on Wed. at 12:00 noon and will also attend a rehearsal of the Army Band. The band will prepare by practicing on March 1, March 5, March 12 and play for three clinicians at the IMEA Clinic  on Friday, March 9. The March rehearsals will run from 6:30 – 8:00 pm and the clinic on the 9th will be after school. The band will also present a concert on Tuesday, March 13 in Schafer Auditorium. Extra help is also available after school most days of the week. The IMEA clinic is hosted by the BMS Band Department every year and several ensembles from Lawrence County and southern Indiana will also participate.

Progress Reports –

It is almost time for progress reports and this time of the year rule infractions tend to escalate. The band conduct grade is based on classroom performance and points are deducted as rules are violated. This year is like many in the past. We have great students, but tardiness, talking and gum chewing are on the rise. If a student has 6 rule violations they will receive a B in conduct on the progress report.  A student is on the way to receiving a B for the final grade if they have 6 at the halfway point. An A is still attainable if the total for the grading period is 10 or less.

Annual Butter Braid Sale Begins Feb. 10 –

Butter Braid time has rolled around again. This band fundraiser is the most anticipated and profitable fundraiser of the year. Here is a link to more information. http://www.nlcs.k12.in.us/bedjrhi/Band/bms%20butter%20braids%202012.pdf. The orders will be due back on Feb. 21 and the butter braids are set to be delivered on Thursday, March 15. There is also a chance for sellers to earn a $1000 scholarship this year.

Solo and Ensemble Festival on Saturday, Feb. 11 –

The ISSMA Solo and Ensemble Festival is coming up for the 7th and 8th graders. This event is not required, but several students are signed up for this year’s festival. Students should be practicing and preparing to represent themselves and the program well. Several students have been staying after school for free lessons. Lessons are still available for free after school on select days.

8th Grade Tubing Date Set for Feb. 17 –

The 8th grade tubing trip to Paoli Peaks will be after school on Friday, Feb. 17th. The 8th grade band members look forward to this trip every year and we have a great time. At this time the trip is in limbo due to the current warm spell we are experiencing. We’ll pass more information along as we receive it.

Pappa John’s Pizza Cards –

The Pappa John’s Pizza Card sale for the Washington D.C. trip has started. The cards sell for $10 each and have stickers on the back for a free pizza and several special pizza deals. Only students performing on the Washington D.C trip are selling the cards and all the profits go straight to the balance of that student’s account. The first batch of cards are out and more cards are available. The sale will run through Feb. A check has been sent o Music Travel to deposit the card profit sold though Jan. 25. Be sure to check your accounts online for credit in the near future. Some students have already raised over $150 for the trip. Students have started to sign up for roommates.

After School Lessons –

Free lessons are available most days after school until 3:30 each day. Students need to let me know during class that they will be staying and have made arrangements to leave at 3:30. I’ve had several students take advantage of the help. Solo and ensemble students should make sure to stay and work on the pieces they are performing at the ISSMA festival. Washington D.C. students should begin staying for help with music. I will be available on Feb. 6, 7 , 8, and 10.

Have a great week!


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