December 2, 2011

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6th Grade Concert on December 6

The beginning band will have a concert on December 6 at 7:30 pm in Schafer Auditorium and I’m excited about what they are preparing. This is the first concert for many and I’m sure there are questions. The band students will report to the auditorium at 7:00 pm on December 6. They should wear a nice outfit for the performance. Most of the boys will wear a nice shirt, sweater, or shirt and tie. The girls will wear a nice outfit or dress. The girls tend to dress up a bit more than the guys do. The group will have a short warm-up and the concert will begin at 7:30 pm. The concert will present the two beginning classes together on stage. They will not have practiced together before the night of the concert. The groups will perform short songs from the beginning band book and demonstrate instruments. The students will be excited that night and that should be expected. The weeks and days leading up to the concert will be trying for some. The kids that haven’t been trying in class and have fallen behind may have confidence issues and start to make excuses for not playing or trying. This is common and will affect about 15% of the group. We have about 20% achieving at a very high level and a vast majority are just where they should be. The students all progress at different rates and varying levels of performance should be expected. Most parents will hang out in the auditorium until the concert begins. The concerts are free and all are welcome. We have our grade levels play on separate nights to keep the auditorium comfortable. The concert will last about 45 minutes if all goes well. Concerts are required for the kids and it is a part of the conduct grade. Sickness and family emergencies are excused.

Washington D.C. Trip Fundraiser

A Pappa John’s Pizza Card fundraiser may begin as early as next week for students interested in raising money for the Washington D.C. trip. More information for those participating will be available in the band office when the sale begins.

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