September 16, 2011

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Another week has come to and end and we have few announcements and reminders.

6th Grade Bands

The 6th grade bands have the basics under their belts and will be starting books this week. The band books cost $9 and many have them now. The percussionists need to remember to bring in $55 for the stick bags and $15 for the beginning percussion book.

Washington D.C. Trip

The meeting for the D.C. trip was held on Sept. 13 and we had a great turnout. The representative from Music Travel Consultants walked us through the trip and the online registration process. I have added a link to Music Travel Consultants on our web page. The $50 down payment is due October 1, so register soon to save your seat. You will need to know our trip number to complete the registration. That number can be obtained from the band office.

Congratulations to the BNL Marching Stars

The BNL Marching Stars are off to a great start this year. A big congratulations goes out to them for winning the first contest of the year. They finished in first place in their class and swept all the captions. Way to go!!


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