September 9, 2011

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Somehow we managed to squeeze a full week of work into 4 days. The students continue to impress me every day. Even though we had a short week, we got a lot done.

Washington D.C. Meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 13 @ 7 pm

On Tuesday, September 13 we will have a meeting in the BMS Schafer Auditorium for everyone participating in the trip to Washington D.C . Representatives from Music Travel Consultants will be on hand to go over the details of the trip and answer questions.

6th Grade Band

The 6th grade band is inching closer to all having horns and making sounds. It is always a slow process at the start, but things pick up quickly in September. It takes some time to start 120 students. The turn out and enthusiasm is just incredible.

6th Grade percussionists can start to bring in money for the stick bags, drum sticks, and mallets. The cost for the stick bag containing the sticks and mallets is $55. They will also need to remember money for the book too. The percussion book costs $15. Checks can be made out to BMS Band. If we need to spread payments out  just drop me a note on what will work best for you. 

The rest of the band will also need to have books if they don’t have one yet. The cost for the basic band book is $9. We are about a week away from using them in class.  We have ordered books and should have plenty in stock once the books arrive.

Indiana Bandmaster’s All Region Honor Band

Every year the Indiana Bandmaster’s Association hosts an All-Region Honor Band. Middle school students from all across southern Indiana can apply for this prestigious honor. We encourage our 8th grade band members to apply if they are interested. We have had the BMS band represented every year since we switched to the middle school concept. The students will rehearse at Jasper Middle School on Saturday Nov. 19 and Sunday Nov. 20. The concert will be on that Sunday, November 20 at 4:00 in Jasper Middle School’s Auditorium. More information and an application can be found at the links below. Applications are due to the band office by Wednesday, Nov. 14 at 3:00.

Cookie Dough Sale Ends Monday, September 19

The cookie dough sale is well underway and we have a lot of kids telling us about the support they have received from friends, family, and neighbors. I really appreciate all the effort. The money helps with so many things.

This fund-raiser is used for band program expenses. This one is not for the Washington D.C. trip, but there will be some to follow to help with just Washington D.C. This sale ends September 19 and we expect delivery the week of Oct. 10. Money doesn’t need to be collected when the order is placed. We will collect that when the cookie dough is delivered. As usual, any checks can be made out to BMS Band. Prizes will be distributed after the money has been collected and bills have been paid .

Thanks again for another great week. Have a wonderful weekend!


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