August 26, 2011

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Another wonderful week has come to and end and we’ve got some information to share as we wrap up this week and head into next week.

6th Grade Percussion Selected

The 6th grade percussionists have been selected after several days of tryouts and observation. First of all congratulations to these students. The next step is to purchase a stick bag with the drumsticks and mallets they need. We purchase several sets to sell through the band office to keep things easy and make sure they get what is needed. The stick bags are ordered each year after tryouts and range from $60 to $75 for the bag, sticks, and mallets. The price changes from year to year based on what is in stock and the current prices. We will pass on the exact price once we know what it is. The percussion kids will also need to purchase a beginning band book for $15. We have books here at school. Don’t worry about sending in any money yet.

6th Grade Instruments

The 6th grade instruments are starting to flow in. Paige’s Music will deliver several to those that rented from them on Monday around 12:30. Paige’s can also repair any horn you may want to have checked out. They will do an estimate for free and provide a loaner instrument for the child. You can call Paige’s at 1-800-382-1099 to set up a loaner and arrange to have your horn picked up. Students using school instruments will start receiving those on Monday, August 29. Be sure to check links on this website for options on obtaining and instrument. We’ll start playing next week.

Beginning Band Books

It is almost time for 6th grade band students bring beginning band books to class. We use the book, “Essential Elements 2000.” Students renting from Paige’s Music will receive a copy with the instrument they rent. To make things easy for parents we have books for sale in the band office. Percussion books combine the snare and bell book into one volume for $15. All the other band books are $9. Students that still need to get a copy can begin buying them at the band office next week. Checks should be made out to BMS bands.

Washington DC Trip

We have had our group size increased to 150 and we have 145 as of Friday, August 26. It is going to be a great trip and I am excited to see so many participating.  With the increase in space we won’t need to make cuts. The band is pretty balanced and should be a strong group. You can plan on going if you have turned in a form to go as a student or chaperone up to this point on August 26. From here on out participation will be based on when the form is received.

Thanks agin for a great week and have an awesome weekend.


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