Wind Academy to visit Holiday World May 21

Posted: May 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

The annual Wind Academy trip to Holiday World is just around the corner. This trip is meant to be a reward to students that attended Wind Academy rehearsals and performances this year. The trip cost is $25, but students will need to bring spending money for meals and souvenirs. Some students still owe the initial $10 for the ISSMA fees due back in November. They will need to take care of that before paying for the trip. Students that have paid all 4 months of dues have covered the $10 ISSMA fee, the $25 trip cost and will receive $5 at the park to help with lunch. Information is available in the band office if kids are uncertain of what they may owe.

We will meet at the band building at 8:30 am and will return around 10:00 pm. The water park is open so students may want to pack a bag with a swimsuit and towel. They are also allowed to bring cell phones, iPods, iPads, etc. to entertain themselves on the bus, but they are responsible for these items. They should also only use them for personal entertainment and have school appropriate material on these devices. Please note that food and drink won’t be allowed on the bus. 

I am really looking forward to spending the day with them at the park. They are a terrific group of kids with a lot of talent and common sense. They are a joy to be with. We have gone over the details of the trip in class and I have included a link to the information that was available to take home.


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